About Project: Oldsmotron

"Oldsmotron" is a 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta 4 Door Station Wagon.

VIN 588M09811 This 1958 Super 88 was built in Lansing, Michigan
Model DHW A Fiesta
Body Number 1461 
Trim Number 65-60 

1958 Fiesta Wagons are relatively rare vehicles and as such, it would have been better if we could have restored Oldsmotron. However, upon delivery, it became quite apparant that a lot of the car was too far gone (especially the roof) to make her a good candidate for a reasonable restoration project.

Instead, we've opted to build her as a custom. If all goes as planned, the wagon will become the ultimate long-haul tow vehicle for my son's (yet to be formed :-] ) band. As such, the criteria for the build are a little different than most hot rod projects. Think more Monster Garage than Horsepower TV.

When finished, Oldsmotron must:

  • be safe.
  • be comfortable on long trips.
  • be powerful enough to pull a trailer.
  • have "reasonable" gas milage.
  • stand out in a crowd (think chrome creamsicle).
  • make it possible for the band to perform in parks and parking lots.
  • operate as a topless parade vehicle for use at events and in videos.

Also, when non-1958 parts are used, we want to use Oldsmobile parts whenever feasible just as a matter of principle.

If everything goes as planned, we'd like to have Oldsmotron complete by September 2006.


  1. Q: "Why Oldsmotron?"
    A: The logo in the horn button of a 1958 Oldsmobile looks an awful lot like a Transformer logo. Given the "Monster Garage" nature of our build, Oldsmotron seemed like a natural nickname to give her.
  2. Q: "In your concept picture, the chrome is missing off the front fender and door. Is that right?"
    A: Yes. We plan to "shave" the front of the car to give it a more contemporary look.